Advisors Package of documents

Advise for the Advisors (final)

Advisor Information Package

Advisor training manual cover

Agenda definition

Agenda definition FR [Ordre du jour]

BC People First Handbook

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Checklist for a Meeting

Checklist for a meeting FR [Liste de vérification pour une réunion]

cover for Advise the Advisors

Dealing with Meeting Concerns chart

Duties of the Chairperson

Duties of the chairperson FR [Responsabilités du président]

Expectations of Advisors

Glossary for Constitution

How to Run Good Meetings

How to Run Good Meetings FR [Comment diriger une bonne réunion]

Making a Motion

Making a Motion FR [Présenter une motion]

Meeting Guidelines Cover page


Motions FR

Oral History Project 1993

PF BC - Leadership Self-Advocacy

PF BC Handbook

Take the Vote

Take the Vote FR [Procéder au vote]

Telling our Stories cover

The Constitution

The History and the Dream

The History and the Dream Cover Page

The History and the Dream FR [Personnes d’abord : L’histoire et le rêve]

Updated Bylaws January 2009 (2)