Run With Me

How to get started : Walk, until you are ready to run. It is a great way to get exercise and ready yourself, carefully, for running.

When you are ready, I suggest using Scoobys 'Run Your Half Mile, Then A Half-Marathon' program. If it looks slow, careful and safe, that's because it IS! If you want to win races, you will need more advanced training. This taught me to enjoy running.

Metronoming: I have used a metronome to choose my cadence. In order to reduce injury, my choice is a high cadence, 180spm. I play the metronome, set to 90bpm, along with whatever audio I have going. Then I simply time one foot to the beat.

Social Running Apps


Nike+ Run Club

App Google Fit - free activity tracker

Run tracking spreadsheet

About the spreadsheet: I found it online, with an original date of 2012 and uncertain origin. I have changed the date and a few other things, and share it here. This tracks many things, from pace by run type, to weight, to hours of cardio per week.

Apps (for Android)

Metronome - for helping keep tempo during exercises or running

Gymboss Interval Timer - I use it to time interval training runs, or run/walk segments

Google Sheets - free spreadsheet application which synchs across all devices. I use it for calorie counting, weight tracking etc.

Heart Rate Monitor - free and helps figure out workout intensity

Other free fitness tools available at

Link to Scoobys Workshop